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Christmas time for you...

By Maureen . Created on 25 Dec, 2016 11:41 AM
Lifestyle 114 votes | 18 Comments
Happy time.?

Happy time.?

Sad time.?

Sad time.?

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Sam said a week ago
Time with family and away from work.
Happy time.?
Joanne said a week ago
Got to spend with the kids
Heather said 3 weeks ago
Try to make it as stress free as possible, a time to spend with family and friends and also catch-up on the house work
Happy time.?
Tuakana said 3 weeks ago
Christmas 2016 een a beautiful time together with my family
Aasta said 3 weeks ago
Inbetween time....Not happy and Not sad!
Edelwina said 3 weeks ago
Christmas time for me is sharing with my family my quality time, relaxing and enjoying with them
Sad time.?
Jannette65 said 3 weeks ago
Its not really sad,its a lonely time.All my family live in NSW we had almost 3 weeks with grandkiddies in November.It was a very happy time ,we had Christmas Eve with the community and a lovely lunch with the neighbour.
Blessings to you all.for 2017.
Happy time.?
Jan said 3 weeks ago
Christmas time is a very happy time as I get to spend it with my family.