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How much extra do you spend on food over Christmas?

By Maria . Created on 19 Dec, 2016 7:17 AM
I buy more food like Ham, Turkey, chickens and special Pavlova,fruit and deserts than we need then have lots left over for the holidays, family,friends and any visitors who drop in, Merry Christmas to all MyView.
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Christmas food.

Christmas food.

Festive Season

Festive Season

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Christmas food.
Tuakana said 3 weeks ago
Can be special for Xmasif prepared well
Margaret said 3 weeks ago
I have overspent again.
Suzi said 3 weeks ago
spend nothing extra. same as any other day/
Christmas food.
Sunil said 4 weeks ago
I love different taste of food.
Christmas food.
Rita said 4 weeks ago
Yes I love Christmas and always spend more on Christmas food
Lorraine said 4 weeks ago
Same spending
Lorraine said 4 weeks ago
No extra spending
Allan said 4 weeks ago
Do not have the funds to spend much extra on Christmas food and tend to eat only what we normally eat.