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Should Trump Stop Tweeting?

By Robert . Created on 07 Jan, 2017 6:42 PM
Current Affairs 75 votes | 14 Comments
Trump - Tweet away

Trump - Tweet away

Stop Tweeting Already!

Stop Tweeting Already!

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Brad said 1 day ago
Where do you place a bet on him being assassinated
Stop Tweeting Already!
Suzi said 2 days ago
trump should stay in his own office - trump towers! the American politics has become the Australian one, an embarrassment and joke!!!!!
Trump - Tweet away
Amanda said 3 days ago
I love his tweets. They're newsworthy because they confirm what a clown he is.
Katherine said 5 days ago
Since when did we become China limiting free speech.
Trump - Tweet away
Nicole said 5 days ago
It's only annoying if you read it!
Pauline said 5 days ago
Yes and NO!! Surely when he is President he will stop tweeting his ridiculous comments. But meantime he can go right ahead and demonstrate clearly the fool that he is!
Daniel said 6 days ago
Trump Should Stop Living! - Cease To Exist - Piss Off Into His Penthouse & Stay There,Like Howard Hughes!
Beautyrose said 6 days ago
Lots of people why not him? I don't have a twitter account and not that interested in it myself.