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After being discharged from a mental hospital...I got a tattoo. It is meant to be a semicolon but people seem to thinks it 09... Which do you think it is?

By Twitchy . Created on 18 Nov, 2020
For context, the tattoo is of an image I drew in hospital as a reminder that I am strong enough to keep living. The words are a lyric to the song "Plea from a cat named Virtue" by the Weakerthans... which is one of the songs I used as a mantra while I was so unwell.
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Semicolon ;

Semicolon ;

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Detlef said 6 days ago
Stay strong and well - maybe change the O to a smiley face and the other to a smiley face with a tongue poking out...
popstar paige said a week ago
It really depends on how u look at it because to me i can see both but it would be better to look in person people would think its 09 due to the fact theres two lines of words next to it but it doe slook like a semi colon if u look at it that way so it depends on how u view it and would possibly look better if u saw the entire tatoo
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JellyKat said a week ago
Colour them in. Glad you have a reminder that you are strong. Stay well my friend.
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Lorraine said a week ago
0 and 9 but colour them in completely may help
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Vera said a week ago
I think the semicolon should've been the same size as the letter 'L' instead of being so big...
Hope you're in a better place now.... :)
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Karl said a week ago
Looks like a 0 and a 9.
But colour it in and it'll be fine.
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Erica said a week ago
It's a 9
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Mrs said a week ago
Because it has been done the same size as the letters it looks like a 9 if it had been done smaller it would have looked like a semicolon. Hope you are in a good place now. I had to Google the song and read it.