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Air-Con or Pool

By cookie . Created on 30 Nov, 2018
If you could only have 1, which would be your go to choice for Summer?
Lifestyle 397 votes | 17 Comments
Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning



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Jules said on Jan 31, 2019
Choice? Both or either
Anonymous said on Dec 16, 2018
One can always purchase a fan and with a chunk of ice under the fan there is a cheaper version of a airconditioner. So having a pool would be for me.
Amber said on Dec 4, 2018
i have both already
Barbara said on Dec 3, 2018
Dorothy said on Dec 3, 2018
neither - sit outside in the shade away from chlorine and dust being blown over you
Air Conditioning
Anonymous said on Dec 3, 2018
Air Conditioning
Christina said on Dec 3, 2018
Both are good but prefer aircon.
Maria Cecilia Lyn said on Dec 2, 2018