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Air-Con or Pool

By cookie . Created on 30 Nov, 2018
If you could only have 1, which would be your go to choice for Summer?
Lifestyle 316 votes | 15 Comments
Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning



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Amber said a week ago
i have both already
Barbara said a week ago
Dorothy said a week ago
neither - sit outside in the shade away from chlorine and dust being blown over you
Air Conditioning
Tanya said a week ago
Air Conditioning
Christina said a week ago
Both are good but prefer aircon.
Maria Cecilia Lyn said a week ago
Georgina said a week ago
Air con for sure
Air Conditioning
Nick said a week ago
A pool? are you insane? we had one and got rid of it. It cost a fortune and not worth the trouble. Much prefer our air con and its cheaper to run than the stupid pool , and its far safer than drinking and drowning in your pool