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Arcade games or Console games?

By Sophie . Created on 08 Oct, 2021
Do you like to play at the "Arcade" or on a "Console"?
Videogames 87 votes | 19 Comments
Arcade Games

Arcade Games

Console Games

Console Games

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Mrs said 3 hours ago
PC games
Frank said 3 days ago
Neither. Find something constructive to do.
KoKo Black said 3 days ago
Nikki said 4 days ago
Julz said 6 days ago
I prefer both
Console Games
Alan said 6 days ago
I totally prefer console games. Once you've bought the console, you can play as many games as you wish without dipping into your pocket. I remember the days of playing Space Invaders etc at the corner shop & always having to get hold of the 20 cent coins & of course, being in primary school, we didn't have much then.
Michelle said 6 days ago
love going to timezone. I get more excited than the kids lol
Console Games
demelsa said 6 days ago
Being able to play in the Comfort and Safety of your own home is a big plus.