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Are cats or dogs cuter

By Sarahdj22 . Created on 23 Apr, 2019
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HB said 2 days ago
Dogs 🥰😘
Anne G said 4 weeks ago
Neither, rabbits are far superior to either cats or dogs.
Hans Proebsting said 4 weeks ago
Neither. Keeping carnivores as companion animals is not ecologically sustainable. Think of the number of kangaroos it takes to feed your cute little animal.
Belinda said 4 weeks ago
Dogs yes
Robyn said 4 weeks ago
I have one of each
Jody said on Apr 24, 2019
Kitty Kats are less work ❤️❤️❤️
Tammy said on Apr 23, 2019
Scarlet said on Apr 23, 2019
Both are cute. I had two cats (sisters) who lived a long happy life to the age of 20 years & passed away two weeks apart in 2009. We now have a small dog who is almost 10 years old. Cats and dogs are cute when they are young and old.