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Are you following the ASHES Cricket matches?

By Mark . Created on 20 Aug, 2019
Australia and England are competing in the Ashes Cricket Test Matches, are you following them?
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Don said 4 weeks ago
Soccer is life...
Greg said 4 weeks ago
love Baseball better
Eeram said 4 weeks ago
I used to watch it with my Dad, but now he has passed away there is no joy in watching it, and like football I get sick of seeing it on TV
Jill said 4 weeks ago
Having been involved in cricket since I was 11, of course I am following the Ashes matches.
Margaret said 4 weeks ago
Love the cricket.
Wends said 4 weeks ago
it was better in the '70's & early '80's haven't watched it since
Oliver said 4 weeks ago
i hate cricket it is a stupid game
David said 4 weeks ago
You would have to be unAustralian if you didn't
Catoire1 said 4 weeks ago
Hmmm, I don't like Vegemite, NRL (but watch Origin, go QLD!), prefer Aussie made over the rest, guess I'm close to the mark.