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Are you happy or sad that Alan Jones is retiring from 2GB Radio at the end of the month?

By Scarlet . Created on 12 May, 2020
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Marion said 3 weeks ago
I don't care .. he is and always has been an arrogant, self centred horrible person
Alec said 3 weeks ago
He is a great radio talk back host just listen to the others Yuck !!
JellyKat said 3 weeks ago
Verity said 3 weeks ago
Have never liked him.
Bernie said 3 weeks ago
A great man - saved Australia by educating people on the fantasyland the ALP and the Greens live in.
Terry said 3 weeks ago
Lynne said 3 weeks ago
happy as I have never liked the man
Mooty said 4 weeks ago
Alan Jones used to be a racing car Driver I don't think many people know. also when working in the media it's not as easy to do. and I hope that's what he wants to do and the best of luck to him
West Swan said 4 weeks ago
Different Alan Jones mate. This one (Radio Broadcaster) used to be the coach of the Australian Rugby Union Team. Had a good win loss record as well.