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Are you keen on PSYCHIC Readings

By Carmeli . Created on 15 Jan, 2020
I love any type of readings done to me. What about YOU??
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Leslie said 1 day ago
I can tell anyone what I think about them, some would probably believe me.
Roula said 1 day ago
You need to have a reading with someone who actually reads you rather than asks you questions and when they can pinpoint particular tings that are very private and personal you know thy are genuine
Mrs said 1 day ago
The only good read is a book.
Errin said 1 day ago
I’m interested to see what they think my life will be like
Jannette65 said 1 day ago
There are some people that have the ability,i have had readings over the years.Some are spot on and others i can say is a load of rubbish.
Jeyna said 1 day ago
Don't believe any of it
Tamminator said 1 day ago
No because you can't remember.
Warren said 3 days ago
Have you seen these sleazy con-artists on late night TV? Hilarious anyone could take them seriously.