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Are you using Zoom or other teleconferencing apps to stay in touch with friends and family?

By MyView team . Created on 20 May, 2020
We're curious... are you staying in touch with your friends and family at the moment using apps like Zoom or Skype? Share your comments and thoughts below!
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Gregory Mobbs said 4 hours ago
We keep in contact on social media, FaceTime or telephone.
Isaac said 1 day ago
i use skype online and on my mobile phone to keep in touch ...
Pauline said 1 day ago
I use Skype
Elvia said 2 days ago
Most of my family are limited with technology and don't all talk to one another
Lorraine said 2 days ago
No! My pc does not have a camera. I only have a flip phone. Prefer to speak via phone or have a 1.5 metre apart physical catch up in a park or open space.
Lois said 2 days ago
Using it for community meetings and workshops
JaninaG said 2 days ago
nope, nothing beats talking face to face,,, even in a supposed pandemic that was not a pandemic, guess our politicians forgot how to use a dictionary :)
Kylie H said 2 days ago
No,i don't use it. One of my teens had to use it for school, but it wasn't used socially.