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Beans or peas

By Elaine . Created on 05 Jan, 2020
Gourmet and Going Out 147 votes | 6 Comments




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Katherine said on Jan 13, 2020
Both, my nieces and nephew have never tasted either and they are adults now. Their mother hated both so never considered they would ever consider tasting them either and they now say they dont like them even though they have never had either. Brainwashed at birth
Allison said on Jan 8, 2020
Mrs said on Jan 7, 2020
Peas for me by choice. But both are good for me, so do eat both.
Anonymous said on Jan 6, 2020
Peas are full of potassium.
Good for you.
maria.alvea1960@hotmail.com said on Jan 5, 2020
Prefer beans out of the two.
Anonymous said on Jan 5, 2020
In the words of John Lennon “ Give Peas a chance “ 😁