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Bega (Kraft) cheddar Cheese blocks, why change the flavour and texture, they have ruined an icon or am I the only one who has noticed?

By Michael . Created on 08 Jan, 2019
I have been eating the Kraft Cheddar cheese blocks for 50 years, you know the ones, blue box 250 or 500g , the stuff that would survive just about anything and since Bega took over the brand and changed the name to Dairy Lea, the whole texture and flavour of this iconic cheese has been altered for the worse. I know a lot of people would not go near this and only think it is for kids, however I reckon its the best and Bega has ruined it. Am I the only one or is there anyone else out there who agree/disagree with me.
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Jules said on Jan 31, 2019
I wish they would leave the products alone... if it's not broken don't try and fix it!!!!
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Debra said on Jan 18, 2019
Just hate the way you can’t cut it. Complained to Kraft. Said it was the same! Rubbish.
Raylene said on Jan 18, 2019
Refuse to buy them since going halal
Leanne said on Jan 19, 2019
What racist nonsense.... water is halal you ignoramous.
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Geoffrey said on Jan 17, 2019
its taste like s#/t
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Pamela said on Jan 14, 2019
The flavour has changed
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Anonymous said on Jan 14, 2019
i went in search of this product recently to relive my childhood fav... Coon blue box and tomatoe sauce and was disappointed that i couldnt find it locallly and had to find elsewhere and was directed to the Dairy Lea cheese that in no way resembles its original.
Anonymous said on Jan 10, 2019
Do they actually still make that s@#t lol...
Nicole said on Jan 9, 2019
I agree