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Best car maker

By BradyMeade . Created on 08 Aug, 2019
Who is the best car maker?
Vehicles 157 votes | 18 Comments




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Sandra said 7 days ago
Didn't vote for either. My choice is Toyota and very happy with that - especially this day and age.
braunhi said 5 days ago
Sandra thanks for your message. We did have Toyota's in the past and there is definitely nothing wrong with them. Take care. B.
Jody said a week ago
VW’s any day of the week. Tough, reliable and fun to drive
kittykat said a week ago
braunhi said a week ago
Thanks K for your message. My son has a Subaru and loves it. Take care. B.
Johnson said a week ago
i heard rumors that holden make cars out of thin aluminium sheets .....to save on cost ..im not sure if this is true.............beware!!!
braunhi said a week ago
Neither for me out of these 2. Sorry.
rigsiebear said a week ago
There's only two types of car in the world. Mercedes-Benz and others. And the others are not the best.
Damien said a week ago
neither - It has to be Audi
Retiree said a week ago
what about neither?