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Bourbon or vodka?

By amber98 . Created on 20 Feb, 2019
Gourmet and Going Out 317 votes | 13 Comments




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Maureen said 3 days ago
braunhi said 2 days ago
Thank you for your message. I do agree with you however once or twice a year it has to be Bourbon for me. Not a great drinker and can easily do without it. Take care. B.
Sapphireunicorn said a week ago
What about a vote for All
Jared said 3 weeks ago
Any clear alcohol is the purest, hence not felling bad the next morning.🤪
Maree said 4 weeks ago
I love Bourbon, Rum, Whiskey and Scotch. I sound like a alcoholic but I am not.
Matthew said 4 weeks ago
Don’t drink alcohol
braunhi said 4 weeks ago
An fair enough too. Thanks Matthew for your comment. B.
Becca said 4 weeks ago
Karen said on Feb 22, 2019
Can't handle the smell of bourbon.
braunhi said on Feb 22, 2019
I know it is quite a strong smell. Thanks for your response Karen. Lyn.
Meganllewhellyn said on Feb 22, 2019
Vodka doesn’t give the hangover that bourbon does. I also fell light and fresh after a heavy night of drinking (when I was young) but every time I drink bourbon i feel heavy and sleepy 💤 And the worst hangover liquid 🤢
amber98 said 4 weeks ago
Im the opposite, that's so weird haha