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Can you understand the seeming nation wide addiction to Married At First Sight??

By Lee . Created on 15 Mar, 2019
So much publicity surrounds this show . . . do you understand what all the hype is about??
Movies and TV 128 votes | 10 Comments
No way - give me a good book

No way - give me a good book

Sure - can't live without it

Sure - can't live without it

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Sure - can't live without it
Julie said 5 days ago
Some of the people are paid to be mean and to stir up trouble, just look at MKR for eg, those 2 bozo brothers who cant cook are just in it to stir up trouble. Its the same as the people who go behind their partners back they are all being paid for it.
Cyrell and Martha's fake fight Martha was smiling in some of it. Everyone is bringing their baggage into it as well and that doesn...
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Gary said 5 days ago
Can't stand any reality shows.
Nicole said 7 days ago
Prefer a good movie
Veronica said 7 days ago
I agree I think it’s drama and there’s to much show on tv filling our heads.
No way - give me a good book
Celestial Soul said 7 days ago
hahaha its all scripted....
Therese B said a week ago
I never watched it until the last season - you watch an episode and then you're hooked. It's my little bit of mindless trash TV for the week. I accept the show for what it is & don't take it too seriously.
No way - give me a good book
Linda said a week ago
It's mindless rubbish and I cannot stand and never watch these shows - The Bachelor is another no go area for me. Now it seems the same people as per the ads are being recycled from show to show.
Jasmyne said a week ago
No not really it's just another drama show to me