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Country lifestyle or City lifestyle

By Kiera Jane . Created on 05 Dec, 2018
Lifestyle 367 votes | 13 Comments
Country lifestyle

Country lifestyle

City lifestyle

City lifestyle

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Country lifestyle
Anonymous said on Dec 16, 2018
I was born in the country, then moved to the city. I have also lived in rural and city overseas. I like what the city has to offer, but the traffic and rush and bustle of the city is a total turn-off. I like the slower pace of country living; and I like the fact that every time I go into town I will run into at least one person I know.
Mikayla said on Dec 15, 2018
Country lifestyle
Kry5tal said on Dec 14, 2018
Country! Where in the city can you enjoy driving a 60 series.
Johnny said on Dec 12, 2018
Country nothing beats my VDJ79R
City lifestyle
Bergy said on Dec 10, 2018
Depends where
Country lifestyle
Jannette65 said on Dec 8, 2018
Bev said on Dec 8, 2018
Country where you can enjoy your life
Country lifestyle
Rosemary Keir said on Dec 8, 2018
Definitely country for me