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Did you Celebrate Valentines Day?

By Renee . Created on 14 Feb, 2020
Current Affairs 174 votes | 14 Comments
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Yes heart
Kevin said 4 weeks ago
It’s my wedding anniversary so I’d better. 😂
Elizabeth said on Feb 25, 2020
i am not going to fake being in love for valentines day, lol if i am in love i celebrate if i am single i do not...simples
No broken heart
Thomas said on Feb 16, 2020
Almost as commercial as jesus' birthday and death day!
No broken heart
Carolyn said on Feb 16, 2020
Commercialised rubbish - a fool and their money r soon parted. Should not need a day of suspect origin to appreciate loved ones.
No broken heart
Mrs said on Feb 16, 2020
Have been married 40yrs and he struggles to remember my birthday. But we are still together so maybe we are the winners over those who do flowers chocolates and divorce.
Christopher Jacobson said on Feb 16, 2020
cant be bothered
Thaer said on Feb 16, 2020
no, it is commercialized event
No broken heart
David said on Feb 16, 2020