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Did you participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month) in November?

By Marie . Created on 13 Dec, 2020
National Novel Writers Month runs from 1st to 30th November every year. The goal is to write 50,000 yes... FIFTY THOUSAND ... words for the month. Generally, you are encouraged to start a new project but any writing you do is amazing!
Books, Comics, Magazines 117 votes | 6 Comments
Yes I did!

Yes I did!

No I didn't.

No I didn't.

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No I didn't.
Joyce said on Jan 13, 2021
Also never heard of it.
No I didn't.
Anonymous said on Dec 25, 2020
Never heard of it
Anonymous said on Dec 15, 2020
I have never ever heard of the event. So there should be a third option here to choose from.
No I didn't.
Mrs said on Dec 13, 2020
I only heard about the event after it finished. Much more of a reader than a writer but.
Vani said on Dec 13, 2020
Not heard
No I didn't.
Anonymous said on Dec 13, 2020
I've never even heard of it!