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Do u have a family member who is a transexual? M2f or f2m

By Tranzgirl . Created on 05 Aug, 2020
Family members or relatives
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TC said on Aug 6, 2020
Well put Mrs, I feel you said it all regarding the comment from Tranz.
If that was my son/daughter and she/he spoke like that at home, no doubt I would lose a boot where the sun don't shine !!!
Completely unnecessary and ignorant post. :(
Tranzgirl said on Aug 7, 2020
If i was at my mum's yes I would of got the boot but some people r just so rude
West Swan said on Aug 7, 2020
Hello Tranzgirl,

I support you as a person and as a Transsexual but I also found the language you used to be offensive. There is no need for it.

I wish you well. ...
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Jose said on Aug 5, 2020
The point of the question is?
Tranzgirl said on Aug 5, 2020
I'm a transexual & want to know how many other families r like mine, sorry if I upset u str8 rude uneducated people who think that this question has no point
Mrs said on Aug 6, 2020
Trans that language is not necessary. I personally have absolutely no problem with your sexuallity. But am offended at u referring 2 straight people like myself in that way. I would never do this 2 u, of 2 any of my gay friends (male or female)
Mrs said on Aug 5, 2020
None I am aware of.