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Do we spend too much time worrying about American politics in Australia?

By Sandor . Created on 25 Oct, 2020
Is the media talking about the USA election too much?
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Debra said on Nov 25, 2020
We should be seeing news and reports on our country! Who cares what the yanks are up to we have our own to worry about.
Anonymous said on Nov 20, 2020
Yes, Trump needs to get over his loss and get on with saving lives and let the people get over covid
Richard said on Nov 4, 2020
Who cares really anyway.....
Probably the people that say "bathrooms" for toilet and say "Zee" for ZED
Fiona said on Nov 3, 2020
I think the word is simpering. No such word as simping.
Brian said on Nov 2, 2020
The question did not say "Ignore" American Politics...it asked I'd we spend "Too Much" of our time on the subject.
Terence said on Oct 29, 2020
Unfortunately the result in the USA election will affect the world economy , relations with foreign nations, etc;....hard to ignore who may be President !
Frank said on Oct 29, 2020
surely they can find some decent politicians to put up for president
Karl said on Oct 28, 2020
Its like a bad soapie.
Americans, always the entertainers. A very dramatic kind of people.
TheKooster said on Oct 29, 2020
I worked on the cruise ship based in the USA for 5 years and it's like you say, they're very dramatic and over reacting