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Do you agree with the restrictions of the state and lockdown policies ?

By Wing Yee . Created on 26 Sep, 2020
The lockdown of Melbourne let the economic recession happen and spreading all over Australia? Do you agree this statement
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Frank said 6 days ago
Safety first
Jodie said a week ago
Awful what’s happening. We need to be safe but we also need to look after our economy
Colin said 4 weeks ago
Gotta be safe..
Tim said 4 weeks ago
Love it
Mrs said 4 weeks ago
It is all a matter of priorities. My sister lives in London. She is allowed out on a daily but restricted basis. She chooses to live safe and has left the house once in 4 months to get a flu shot. Some people have different priorities than the lives of others.
Simone said 4 weeks ago
l'm 50-50% happy with the ways thing have been going, It would be nice if shops, Restaurants and a few other things. Where open like picture theatres and Zoo's, where people can get out and feel like we are having a life. instead of being locked inside our home for 23 hour day 24/7 for the last 6 months where we all as a world come together to die slower of depression......