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Do you believe in God just to have hope?

By Chloe . Created on 23 Apr, 2019
Everything Else 198 votes | 6 Comments
Sadly, yes

Sadly, yes

No, I have my reasons

No, I have my reasons

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No, I have my reasons
Paula said 6 days ago
I think the perception of what the word 'God' means is different for everyone and those who believe in a higher power or universal intelligence don't like to use the word God & its outdated bearded old man imagery to describe what they believe in that gives them hope. Plus more people are waking up to the truth that they are ultimately responsible for their own lives not some outside force that ta...
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Sadly, yes
Normajean said a week ago
Sadly, yes
Jules said 3 weeks ago
Why the term "sadly"? People should be able to believe in what they want to without it being sad, it more likely gives them happiness than sadness.
No, I have my reasons
Tristan said 4 weeks ago
God doesn’t create wars, people do
No, I have my reasons
Terry said 4 weeks ago
there is no god its all a con.
Jody said on Apr 24, 2019
If there’s a god why does he punish us with war, famine, death and pain? Some god he is.
Sadly, yes
Anonymous119 said 3 weeks ago
Sorry to say but it is not God causing all this , it is the People
People cause wars, have taken from others to create Famine, People cause Pain and suffering bringing Death and despair.
But yes Is there a God or was it Aliens who created the World - another topic maybe ??