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Do you believe in psychics..?! Who do you believe to be most genuine..?!

By Grey eyes . Created on 02 Nov, 2019
Psychics claim to hear the dead and connect with them do you think this is possible well a lot of questions go unanswered in the spirit world..do you believe~ !?
Lifestyle 43 votes | 12 Comments
John Edwards medium who talks to the dead

John Edwards medium who talks to the dead

Long island medium

Long island medium

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Mrs said 6 days ago
Exactly who are these two people? I believe that there are "bonds" of connection between some people. Usually those who share genes - but odd occassions occur of these "bonds" between newly met people. Maybe they are from "groups" that keep reconnection reincarnation after reincarnation. That is what some religions believe, and I don;t entirely discount the possibility. Having had an un...
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L said 7 days ago
Another crappy poll with no appropriate answers to choose from.
Gregmidd said 7 days ago
All total rubbish
eviehanlon said a week ago
I don't know either of those psychics, but I tend to stay away from the celeb mob. You'd be better off looking for someone local.
jaysurhvey said a week ago
More inclined to believe in empaths
L said a week ago
Where is the option of "neither" or "never heard of either"?
Coleen said a week ago
No, I don't believe the ones who are on TV, bad acting, in it for money, a scam.
Anita said a week ago
Have watched both and you don’t know if any have been staged but John Edwards is pretty good in real life