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Do you believe Israel Folau is cheeky for requesting money from the community for his legal battle?

By Danielle . Created on 22 Jun, 2019
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Stanley said 7 days ago
How dair he ask for money, Im discusted in him.
Hans Proebsting said 3 weeks ago
Why does he need other people's money in the first place? It always seems that the more someone has, the more they want.
braunhi said 3 weeks ago
Yes he sure is. There are so many causes out there that really need money and I feel personally he is a very selfish person. He is not poor by any stretch of the imagination.
Trudy said 3 weeks ago
Picko said 4 weeks ago
Religion is the root of all evil and hatred , thru history it has recorded its intolerance, I don’t see why people are surprised . The church would burn you for being a witch , they would kill you for being a heretic , so ...
johnwallis17 said 4 weeks ago
religion is the root of all evil. more wars were fought in the name of one god or another. he is entitled to his opinion , just like a man is entitled to be a woman and visa versa . if his opinion hurts you then bad luck. get over it.
Asi said 4 weeks ago
Religion should be non judgemental but it seems they are extremely judgemental. What happened to god according all. They seem to forgive followers of the church that harm children
Robyn said 4 weeks ago
With the salary he was on, he must be kidding