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Do you believe more should be done so wages are equal for women & men in Australia?

By Lily . Created on 02 Dec, 2019
The national gender pay gap in Australia has remained stable at 14% with men on average earning $241.50 more per week than women.
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Glenn said on Dec 16, 2019
All jobs should have an award wage set per hour, regardless of sex or age and should be increased each 5 years of satisfactory service in that job position.
Wendy said on Dec 7, 2019
Equal rights equal opportunities equal work load equal pay
David said on Dec 6, 2019
wages should be related to performance and ability, not gender. a person should be paid for what and how they do a job, not gender.
Fiona said on Dec 5, 2019
This is only relevant for the same job. Equal pay regardless of gender for the same job. Using a generalised statistic on which to base the argument is not conducive to obtaining an insightful result. If more women are in jobs that pay a lower wage across the board the generalised statistic will show that women are paid less than men.
Gav said on Dec 7, 2019
Perfectly worded.
Lee835 said on Dec 9, 2019
Mrs said on Dec 4, 2019
equal work equal pay regardless of gender = women doing traditional male jobs and men doing traditional womens jobs
Sheri said on Dec 4, 2019
Women should not be given a pay cut. If a women is qualified she should get the same pay as a man. It's only fair. We have the right to vote, we should be placed value on just as much as a man.
We have a different prospective them some, but it innovative and productive. Give us the chance to be at the top of the working chains and see how much better and effective we can make companies.
Hannah Palmer said on Dec 4, 2019
For the same job. These statistics dont take that into account.
Andrew said on Dec 4, 2019
For women with any sort of trade qualifications, university degrees. When it becomes difficult is When children arrive, skills can decline due to new technology and not being able to keep up to date. Unfortunately it can take a long time to catch up if ever goes for men to.