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Do you know all the road rules when driving

By Leanne . Created on 09 May, 2019
So many new road rules come out and some of them i don't even know or have forgotten I was just wondering if anyone else has this problem
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Yes or no

Mine is no

Mine is no

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Anonymous said on May 26, 2019
Yes, found out road rules I didn't know and I was the supervisor for a couple of Lerner's and then kept learning due to a mate crashing threw a roundabout and finding out all across Australia have a limit of 30km/h
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Hans Proebsting said on May 13, 2019
I don't understand your choice of responses.

As a road and traffic engineer I am obliged to keep up with my knowledge of the road rules to use in road designs and road safety audits. When I drive, I notice that far too many road users either don't know the rules, or choose to ignore them.
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Steven said on May 11, 2019
I should know all the road rules because the teens in my life supposedly know them all even though I have driven for more than 3 decades. LOL
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Anonymous said on May 10, 2019
Yes or no
braunhi said on May 10, 2019
Thanks Gary for your message. I do agree with the more advertising side of things. Following up from my answer there was quite a few things that had changed. Will have to peruse it further as I honestly thought that I did know it. Take care and enjoy your Saturday. B.
Yes or no
braunhi said on May 9, 2019
I feel that I do. After reading all the replies below I had better catch up on them. Maybe I am living in a "fool's paradise". LOL.
Mine is no
Phil said on May 9, 2019
I am guilty of not keeping up to date
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ROBBO said on May 9, 2019
Yes under normal circumstances, but they keep changing them, and half the time it's only the cop you are dealing with when they pull you over and he makes a rule change on the spot. I was recently pulled over by a young cop (I think he was straight out of the academy), and he accused me of not stopping at a yellow light (I was turning right and had to wait for traffic to pass) and when I said "Yellow mea...
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Mine is no
Anonymous said on May 9, 2019
No I don’t as the rules do change often.