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Do you like your natural hair color or would rather dye or bleach your hair

By Deb . Created on 04 Sep, 2020
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Dry my hair

Dry my hair



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Dry my hair
Carlodig said 5 days ago
I’m quite happy with my salt & pepper colour.
Janet said a week ago
I have gone grey gracefully, never ever used a colour.
Mary said a week ago
Krystl said 3 weeks ago
My hair is green! Unfortunately it doesn't grow that way naturally :P
Mrs said a week ago
Well we will all recognise you if we see you on the street!
Narrelle said 3 weeks ago
Natural, but please check before posting...very confusing
Karla said 3 weeks ago
Colour as I am going grey.
Mrs said 3 weeks ago
I took the answer "color" as being stay with your natural colour?
and the answer "dry my hair" as dye my hair?
Oh dear this is not clear at all.
Dry my hair
Retiree said 3 weeks ago
Chemicals in dye are not good . A psychological issue for those who cannot accept the changes that come with living. Hair colour changes at various times for different people as does numerous other aspects of aging. Get over it and make the most of what you have.