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Do you prefer Hungry Jacks or Subway?

By Viv . Created on 02 Oct, 2018
Gourmet and Going Out 566 votes | 22 Comments
Hungry Jacks

Hungry Jacks



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Dotty said on Apr 6, 2019
Subway is the only way to have a healthy Lunch or Snack!
Leediarr said on Oct 22, 2018
I work at Subway!! Woop woop 🙌
Kevin said on Oct 15, 2018
HJ's all the way ... cause the burgers are better ...... etc
Hungry Jacks
Anonymous said on Oct 6, 2018
Hungry jacks
Val said on Oct 6, 2018
Love subway
Frank said on Oct 4, 2018
Wanted subways
Hungry Jacks
Kay said on Oct 4, 2018
Yum Hungry jacks.
Lynette said on Oct 4, 2018
Definitely Hungry Jacks, delicious burgers