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Do you prefer receiving gifts or cash/gift cards?

By Mike . Created on 08 Nov, 2019
Lifestyle 118 votes | 8 Comments


Give me the money!

Give me the money!

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Give me the money!
Selai said 4 days ago
I’d be happy with either, however if I’m invited to a do, money is more convenient
Silvia said 5 days ago
I prefer cash
Give me the money!
ROBBO said 6 days ago
I need money more than some crappy gift that I don't want.
Anthony said 7 days ago
cash gifts providing flexibility in future purchases
Give me the money!
braunhi said 7 days ago
Gift cards or money. You can get what you want.
misha65 said a week ago
I much prefer receiving gift cards as they are a much greater need.
Mrs said a week ago
Pressies are more fun - but occasionally worrying
Jenny said a week ago
pressies because you never know what you'll get