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Do you prefer receiving gifts or cash/gift cards?

By Mike . Created on 08 Nov, 2019
Lifestyle 162 votes | 10 Comments


Give me the money!

Give me the money!

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Give me the money!
Anonymous said on May 7, 2020
money is so convinient
Give me the money!
braunhi said on May 7, 2020
Thanks Boris for your message. Having just been to use a voucher for one store I agree cash would have been better as I could have used another store. lol. Take care. B.
Anonymous said on Nov 17, 2019
a gift is more personal,just a nice card is just as good to,,cheers.
Give me the money!
Selai said on Nov 14, 2019
I’d be happy with either, however if I’m invited to a do, money is more convenient
Silvia said on Nov 12, 2019
I prefer cash
Give me the money!
ROBBO said on Nov 11, 2019
I need money more than some crappy gift that I don't want.
Anthony said on Nov 11, 2019
cash gifts providing flexibility in future purchases
Give me the money!
braunhi said on Nov 10, 2019
Gift cards or money. You can get what you want.
misha65 said on Nov 9, 2019
I much prefer receiving gift cards as they are a much greater need.