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Do you prefer traditional beef or Irish stew?

By Lindy-Lou . Created on 15 Nov., 2021
Warming winter stews.
Gourmet and Going Out 133 votes | 20 Comments
Beef Stew

Beef Stew

Irish Stew

Irish Stew

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JadziaOz said 2 days ago
Fiona said 5 days ago
No stew at all
Beef Stew
JT said a week ago
beef stew is better coz it is more tender when you eat the beef.....protects your teeth
Graeme said a week ago
I like both so long as they don't have mushrooms, or garlic in, as I am allergic to both.
Desiree said a week ago
What makes a stew IRISH? Isn’t it just meat & vegies cooked all together, I do that & my family call it “ mums stew”
Beef Stew
Sandie said a week ago
Can't beat a Beef stew on a winters night.
Glenda said a week ago
Beef Stew
Terence said a week ago
I have experimented with plant based meat products in vegetable stews and casseroles , taste is great !