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Do you think covid 19 was created in a lab or a natural virus

By Joy . Created on 18 May, 2020
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Teoni said 7 days ago
For millions of years mother nature has created viruses and bacteria that have caused mass casualties of humans and animals all over the world and yet everyone believes this one was created in a lab? Humanity is screwed =/.

Kent Wara said a week ago
In time we will all know this answer when China open the path for the investigators to examine all relevance information.
Michael said 3 weeks ago
Doesnt really matter, its here now and we have to deal with it!
Mrs said a week ago
You took the words out of my mouth.
Alec said 3 weeks ago
Dale: China had people sick in mid December 2019 but said it could not be transmitted by humans they did make a big mistake. I think they know more than they are letting on to.
Dale Ann said 3 weeks ago
I really do not know but I think China could have handled it better and locked down their borders immediately as their people and visitors caught the virus. The other countries that had their people visiting China would have taken their own measures like Australia did to bring them home and have the self isolated and tested if necessary, than this terrible pandemic would have been completely under control and not af...
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Katherine said 3 weeks ago
Many viruses are created from scientific experiments. Science uses them as a way of creating cures and antidotes sometimes also used in warfare. Covid 19 was an experiment gone wrong. We see old movies where the infected mosquito or rat escapes the lab and not detected until too late. This I believe is the same scenario.
Bobbi said 3 weeks ago
evidence indicates a laboratory
Eric said 3 weeks ago
Can't trust any one any more.