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Do you Think Father's Day should be celebrated on the same day, Internationally?

By Kerryn . Created on 10 Jul, 2019
Father's Day is celebrated at different times of the year, in different countries. Should it be on the same day, internationally.?
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Barbs said on Jul 27, 2019
It should that way the entire planet of men can have their special day and be done with it and have their braging rights on what they got.
Flipper said on Jul 24, 2019
Nah. Each country probably has a different way of celebrating. Aussie Fathers day is held in spring time, usually with a barbie at the beach. Just wouldn't be the same in September if you were in, say, Scotland.
Jennifer said on Jul 18, 2019
Yes definitely.
Rebecca Iannone said on Jul 15, 2019
I don't think one single day should be devoted to celebrating fathers - both parents (being they are loving) should be spoilt everyday!
Gary said on Jul 15, 2019
Shane Gishford said on Jul 15, 2019
It would be goog
Anonymous said on Jul 14, 2019
Celebrations during one day promote consumption only. Love and appreciation of our beloved is gifted daily.
Anonymous said on Jul 12, 2019
It's good to celebrate, throughout the world on same day