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Do you think our Public Hospitals are underfunded?

By Scarlet . Created on 05 Jul, 2019
Underfunding can lead to Ambulance back-up at A&E, bed shortages and longer wait times to see a Specialist or to have surgery.
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Stacey Armstrong said a week ago
tash said a week ago
Definitely under funded and under staffed, I have been waiting 6 months for major back surgery and while I understand why there is such a wait it doesn't make it any easier.
braunhi said a week ago
Yes they are underfunded and it is fast becoming a crisis situation with people that I know of being sent home because there were no beds available. I do object to people using the public system when they have private cover. We are fortunate to have private cover and would never use the public system, except of course for an emergency, where you are taken into whichever hospital is available. By the people using ...
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Bartsy said a week ago
Definitely needs attention. The government needs to do their job correctly and fund these IMPORTANT LIFE THREATING SITUATIONS.
Matt said a week ago