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Do you think PM Scott Morrison has shown strong leadership during the current bushfire crisis?

By Scarlet . Created on 04 Jan, 2020
Current Affairs 182 votes | 18 Comments




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Katherine said on Jan 13, 2020
Scarlet find a new topic to whinge about so we can avoid throwing more fuel on the existing fires and situations. Its called inciting anger and discord and becoming quite boring and old news
Mrs said on Jan 7, 2020
Could have done better, could have done worse. The man is after all human like the rest of us.
Allison said on Jan 8, 2020
That’s so true. He’s human
Anonymous said on Jan 6, 2020
Definitely Not.
He wasn't even in the country.
He was too busy Jet setting too give a damn.
Anonymous said on Jan 5, 2020
Being the leader of a country calls for many sacrifices. Perhaps going on holiday at a time when part of the country was already in crisis is not showing strong leadership. The bush fires have created devastating circumstances after the dreadful droughts. People need to know and feel that their leader is standing with them and behind them during such tragedies and certainly not on holiday. ...
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Scott said on Jan 5, 2020
He is a joke, We needed a leader, and thats not what we got
Ella said on Jan 4, 2020
hell no!
tamikawatkin said on Jan 4, 2020
Fuck no !!
Rik said on Jan 4, 2020
While saying he's damned if he does damned if he doesn't is all well and good but with his holiday he tried to hide the fact he was going. That shows he knew it was a bad idea to begin with. And the insensitive comments when he came back. Not going to compensate the volunteer firefighters and that they wanted to be fighting these fires. Shows that money spent on empathy training was well spent. Forcing hi...
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