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Do you think private or public schools provide a better education?

By N . Created on 05 Dec, 2018
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Mikayla said 9 hours ago
neither there both crap, if you go back in history, school was to educate and make soldiers, and keep kids off the street, it’s a daycare for big kids. I’m still going to school and I’m doing year 12 and I have seen some of the English and maths and it’s stupid, it’s no shock kids are graduating high school or dropping out and not noing how to read or write or count for that matter
Maria said 1 day ago
Bergy said 6 days ago
Neither bad teachers in both
Claire said a week ago
first-hand experience in public and in a top private boarding school, private school by far has better education, more resources, better teachers, more learning opportunities such as exclusive talks with successful people. the boarding aspect was very bad if you aren't a happy white girl who is smart and good at sport then you will not fit in. private schools have no respect towards the students and only respon...
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Christina said a week ago
Private schools are okay but teach you that you are better than the ordinary person which is very wrong. Some of the best scholars come out of Public Schools.
Vanessa said a week ago
Having taught in both schools as a physical education teacher I knew i was expected to stay after school for team coaching-, and also to run athletic and swimming carnivals, then pick teams for inter school carnivals, swimming. athletics, organise buses, playing fields and umpires and I loved every minute of it as the students were keen , and generally loved their sport. It gave me lots of satisfaction to see teams...
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Shivana Partacini said a week ago
It depends on what the student wants to pursue. If it's a sport or music career, then I would say private is best however if it's trade related or they need to obtain the relevant skills to apply for a tertiary qualification then public school would meet these requirements.