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Do you think there’s housing price bubble your countries capital city?

By MyView team . Created on 20 Jul, 2020
Current Affairs 168 votes | 15 Comments
Yes it will

Yes it will



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Yes it will
Grant said a week ago
I am in Pagewood, Sydney near the airport, Botany Bay and the beaches. The house is a 3 bedroom, 1 1/2 bathrooms with a 1 bedroom granny flat built in the 1870's on 425m2 of land. It is priced at $1.5 million. What a disgusting joke. Is that not a bubble?
Mrs said a week ago
Must be tiny. Could get the same for 25% in country WA
Marg said 3 weeks ago
Still high
Yes it will
Jeff said 3 weeks ago
Yes and I think the current COVID 19 and impending economic fall out will only show as much
Yes it will
Zac said 3 weeks ago
yes bubble burst soon
Joosy said 3 weeks ago
Badly written question in terms of grammar and it also doesn't make much sense. Do you mean in Canberra, which is the capital of Australia, or the capital cities of each state? Not that I actually care about the question anyway because what are you going to do if there is?
Mrs said 3 weeks ago
WA is reasonable. Outside of the Capital city it is downright cheap. From $160,000 for a 2 bed on 451sqmtr - $315,000 for a rendered 3 bed overlooking the town centre. Why would you live elsewhere? Give up FIFOing and taking the money out of the state and live a better life on the safe side of the country.
Tania said 3 weeks ago
Do I think there is a housing bubble in the capital city of my state in Australia?
No, not in the state capital where I live.
soul said 3 weeks ago
Who wrote this question? So badly worded.
Mrs said a week ago
The MyView Team wrote it.
soul said a week ago
Maybe they need to read it again.