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Do your pets sleep with you at night

By Troy . Created on 26 Apr, 2021
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Peter said a week ago
My horses won't fit through the bedroom door.
Richard said 3 weeks ago
YUK - how unhealthy - bet you are a loner!!
Yvette said 3 weeks ago
She is a total house dog
Paul said 3 weeks ago
Not so much with me but close by. I lost my wife back in 2006 so the dog occupies her space and the cat sits on top of the armchair beside the bed.
Yvonne said 3 weeks ago
I love having my cat sleep on the bed with me. When I wake up sometimes she is often lying on my chest asleep. I know - completely spoilt, but that's are what pets are for!!
Christine said 3 weeks ago
yes, she does.
Ecartar said 3 weeks ago
If the children had their way, yes.
Sherrynne said 3 weeks ago
dont have a pet any more