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Does money make you mean?

By Anonymous . Created on 08 Nov, 2019
The Spanish word aislar means both “to insulate” and “to isolate,” which is what most of us do when we get more money. We buy the car so we can stop taking the bus. Does this insulation cause an isolation and make us meaner to others we are no longer connected with, say over that shared friendly smile at the bus stop?
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Bah Humbug

Bah Humbug

Not everyone!

Not everyone!

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Not everyone!
Sharon said on Nov 13, 2019
it depends on the person
Ross said on Nov 13, 2019
Money ruins relationship lives and friends full stop.
maxtraxv3 said on Nov 12, 2019
no telling people you have money make them mean, becuase they will try to get you to sped all of it on them, then they say your mean.
Not everyone!
Stephen said on Nov 11, 2019
To some it does and if they only knew it only money they would have a better life. You can only eat three meals a day or maybe four. Some get the look at me syndrome and want as much money as they can get. Better off just live your life and be happy.
Not everyone!
braunhi said on Nov 10, 2019
No a lot of people have money and are happy. They give a lot to charity and we do not really hear about them as that is a good news story.