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Does Peter Dutton, Home Affairs Minister have too much power?

By Scarlet . Created on 31 Aug, 2019
Perhaps Home Affairs Department would be much better having the oversight of a panel of Ministers that make important decisions together rather than just one Minister alone.
Current Affairs 171 votes | 17 Comments
YES -  Too much power

YES - Too much power



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Thomas said on Nov 10, 2019
Not enough!!!!! He should have been PM!!!!!!!
Hans Proebsting said on Sep 15, 2019
It is as Warren said. The power is not the issue, but his irresponsible and inhuman misuse of it is. He should be re-titled Minister for Immigration Prevention and Death Camps.
YES -  Too much power
ROBBO said on Sep 4, 2019
Get rid of the arrogant bastard.
YES -  Too much power
Lyn said on Sep 3, 2019
Don't get me started - I cannot work out how anyone would vote for this man. I live in his electorate and have yet to find anyone who voted (or admits to having voted) for him.
YES -  Too much power
Warren said on Sep 3, 2019
It is not that he has too much power but that he misuses it. Not every decision of course but many. And he does too many favours for his mates and not for those deserving.
YES -  Too much power
harimau said on Sep 3, 2019
Yes, Dutton is a meglomanic!
Bienne said on Sep 3, 2019
Go Peter Dutton and he has done an excellent job, fit for the role he plays. I have not seen anyone around better than him who is truly more qualified and tough on crimes. Good on him and I wish him well and he has won a lot of community support as well. May he be granted much power to do a great good for all. To love righteousness and maintain justice with fear or favor. God bless you Peter and keep up the great jo...
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Paul said on Sep 2, 2019
A Panel? Crikey it is hard enough getting one politician (labor or liberal) to make a contentious decision. A panel would take months to agree to anything and then it would be subject to judicial review and half the country would agree and half protest :-)