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Does support from Celebs on TV awards shows really help the Aussie bushfire situation?

By Travis . Created on 14 Jan, 2020
The ongoing vocal support from actors and celebrities on TV awards shows is appreciated but are their words heartfelt, meaningful and ultimately helpful or is it a grab for the compassion/human vote?
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cj said 5 days ago
hope so at least of recent times with the horrific bushfires many celebs have rallied for Australia to raise money to help. I just hope it gets to the appropriate services and people in Need and of the wildlife rehab
Debra said 6 days ago
I guess they have more influence because everyone sees them on TV etc. but I'm not sure if it is done from the heart or because it looks good - after all for some of them it's just another tax dodge.
Cabassi said 6 days ago
I do think it's helps but not unless they're making sure the donations go straight to the people who need it but unfortunately anywhere money is collected and transferred all it takes is for one person to mishandle, under estimate or over estimate and the resources are lost or wasted.
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Theresa said 6 days ago
Everyone should donate doesn't matter who they are that's why its called a disaster