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Does the Australian Government have things in control at the moment?

By Anonymous . Created on 19 Nov, 2019
Country vs government
Current Affairs 202 votes | 18 Comments
Yes, quite frankly

Yes, quite frankly

Shit no

Shit no

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Shit no
Robyn said on Dec 13, 2019
I think they are all devious. Never tell the truth, saying things that have a number of scenarios. Hiding when things get rough. Couldn't make a decision if their life depended on it and lining their own pockets with taxpayer's money.
Shit no
Joyce said on Nov 27, 2019
I think our politicians are just looking out for themselves. Make sure their 'payday' will be big enough for them to live on and the rest of the population can fend for themselves.
We need to remind them that we put them in office, we can take them out again. Oh! wait! The other side is no better!!
Shit no
Paul said on Nov 25, 2019
I personally think they are pretty much focused on money -but that is typical of the Liberal coalition Government anyway...nothing for us, send it overseas, buy it back at three times the price and don't worry about china, let's sell them whatever they want here, they already own most of Tassies farming lands, and are starting on the other states agricultural land as well, and are now buying lots of Austr...
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Yes, quite frankly
Anonymous said on Nov 24, 2019
overall, compared to other countries overseas, yes they do!
Shit no
maxtraxv3 said on Nov 23, 2019
havent for 4 years where costing on thin ice.
Shit no
Shirley-Anne said on Nov 22, 2019
They have got to stop the sale of Australia to foreign companies
Shit no
Barbra said on Nov 22, 2019
They should stop being so self serving and actually spend money on Australia and Australians, not line their own pockets or send the money overseas. Go to the DFAT site and look at the sub heading" Donations", you will be very shocked at just where your hard earned dollars are going
Anonymous said on Nov 21, 2019
They cant help everyone, everyone should help themselves.