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Does this website (MyView) sell peoples personal contact details?

By James . Created on 22 Jan, 2020
Trick question, it does.
Internet 89 votes | 9 Comments


Also Yes

Also Yes

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Also Yes
L said on Mar 19, 2020
Another crappy poll with no appropriate answers!
Caroline said on Feb 18, 2020
I am only given two options; Yes and Also Yes...
So is this their way of telling me that they do indeed pass on my details???
Also Yes
redhairedbeast said on Feb 3, 2020
It sells the survey info to the company requesting it but not others. I hope!
Amanda Howley said on Jan 29, 2020
Coleen said on Jan 28, 2020
I pick no too. I couldn't vote. Do you have something to share?
Also Yes
Naomi said on Jan 28, 2020
Carine said on Jan 28, 2020
I pick No
West Swan said on Jan 27, 2020
Obviously you think so James otherwise you would have a 'no' option :-)

What do you base that assumption on?

Have you had some issues?