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Duck Season or Rabbit Season?

By EarthnWombat . Created on 18 Aug, 2021
The poll to top all polls has arrived. This is the philosophical question of a life time covering ethics and possible cuisine preferences. Which do you choose? Duck Season? Or Rabbit Season?
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Duck Season

Duck Season

Rabbit Season

Rabbit Season

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Duck Season
Nina said on Aug 23, 2021
A'lorange! Peking! Roasted! Braised!
JellyKat said on Aug 22, 2021
Why can't their be both?
Richard said on Aug 22, 2021
Australia's finest minds, dozens of 'em, log in to the most important philosophical zoom meeting in the history of the known universe. Everything is looking good for an afternoon of considered and respectful argument, and the development of coherent and logical responses to what it surely one of the truly great questions of all existence, when an unfortunate series of minor problems explode into the meeting like an ...
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Rabbit Season
Mrs said on Aug 24, 2021
Keryn said on Aug 22, 2021
Neither, I don't eat either.
Rabbit Season
Mrs said on Aug 20, 2021
Have enjoyed both. But rabbits are a pest we should eat. Some ducks are endangered natives and some hunters are not bright enough to know the difference.
Mitchell said on Aug 19, 2021
Love both a nation was survived eating duck and under mutton
Duck Season
Andrew said on Aug 19, 2021
Duck season definitely, Duffy duck cracks me up !!!
Duck Season
Karl said on Aug 19, 2021
Its never wabbit season