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Favourite movie or tv show

By Brookefenton85 . Created on 06 Jul, 2019
Movies and TV 105 votes | 6 Comments




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L said on Sep 4, 2019
Never heard of either, so where's the choice of "NEITHER"?
braunhi said on Sep 5, 2019
Thanks L for your message. I agree there should have been a Neither. Take care and enjoy your day. B.
Jay said on Jul 11, 2019
Duggy, or maybe big block sing song
Stacey Armstrong said on Jul 10, 2019
Death proof
Rebecca Iannone said on Jul 8, 2019
The original 1990 IT
braunhi said on Jul 8, 2019
Thanks for your message Rebecca. I forgot about IT. What a gem of a movie and the kids loved it too. Take care and enjoy your week. B.
Jacob said on Jul 7, 2019
Home & Away
braunhi said on Jul 6, 2019
Never heard of either. Most favourite movie would be "The Power of One". This was based on a novel by Bryce Courtenay.