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Gay/Bi or straight

By Tash . Created on 01 Dec, 2018
Lifestyle 359 votes | 17 Comments
Bi / gay

Bi / gay



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Julie said 4 weeks ago
Doesn't meant I'm a phobic I like everyone who is human except the mean ones :-O
Paul said on Jan 14, 2019
What is the question?
Didees said on Jan 3, 2019
It matters why?
Karen said on Dec 20, 2018
Who cares
Kristi said on Dec 13, 2018
Im straight, but it doesnt bother me what anyone else is.
Anonymous said on Dec 10, 2018
don't care, not my life
Vera said on Dec 7, 2018
who's business is it either way?????
Zoe said on Dec 4, 2018
Got a mans