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Gay/Bi or straight

By Tash . Created on 01 Dec, 2018
Lifestyle 294 votes | 13 Comments
Bi / gay

Bi / gay



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Kristi said 3 days ago
Im straight, but it doesnt bother me what anyone else is.
Geoff said 6 days ago
don't care, not my life
Vera said a week ago
who's business is it either way?????
Zoe said a week ago
Got a mans
April said a week ago
I’m straight but appreciate other people’s preference 100%. Spread kindness 🤩
Bi / gay
Tabatha said a week ago
I am who I am you can’t change me and if you are going to discriminate me who really has the issues me or you..
Monpos said a week ago
If your happy, thats all that matters!
ChrisWho said a week ago
Can't we just all be human? Who really cares what sex you are or what sexuality you identify with? Does it really make a difference to who you are?