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Given the quick spread of yet another COVID-19 variant, will you be travelling overseas or staying put for a while longer?

By danidoce . Created on 16 Dec., 2021
I am desperate to go overseas and see the world once again. However, the prospect of another lockdown and borders closure is stopping me from booking a ticket. Where do you stand on this?
Travel and Tourism 263 votes | 46 Comments
My bags are packed and ready to go!

My bags are packed and ready to go!

No way, Jose.

No way, Jose.

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Cullam said a week ago
not for a while yet. with rules changing to do with covid I think that the rules are making it harder and spread faster with the rule being you have to isolate for 7 days but your still contagious and you could give it to others.
No way, Jose.
Peter said a week ago
My bags are packed and ready to go!
Colette Staines said a week ago
I am vax and its is a pandemic so we are educated as to what is expected of us
No way, Jose.
Johnno said a week ago
Dangerous enough in our own country
No way, Jose.
Nan said a week ago
Not for another year or so.
My bags are packed and ready to go!
Wei Lam said 3 weeks ago
If most people are vaccinated then most of us will be fine. The rest? Well, it's a free World and it's up to them
Margaret said 3 weeks ago
What a load of crap, the ones that are spread i,t are vaccinated. Why don't you just say the truth, if the vaccination works then we will be better of.
Carol said 3 weeks ago
Why would you want to with the way things are everywhere? Some countries aren’t even letting you in and wherever you go you have to quarantine. Pointless really.
No way, Jose.
Ian said 3 weeks ago
Sadly no. Too risky to my health and wealth.