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Has the thought of getting a blood clot put you off getting the Astra Zeneca vaccine?

By Melinda . Created on 20 Apr, 2021
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Gillie said 7 days ago
There's always a few setback.
Sherrynne said 3 weeks ago
i would rather have a better chance of survival
Margaret said 3 weeks ago
I had my 1st needle last wednesday & have had no problems .
Kerry said 3 weeks ago
Thanks for your support West Swan. In an ideal world that would happen. I would still like to do my bit. At this stage, I’m happy to try the Pfizer vaccine.
Nalan said 3 weeks ago
Wait people! There hasn't been enough testing of the product.
Judith said 4 weeks ago
You would have to be very unlucky to get one.
Tanwin said 4 weeks ago
I will wait a few months and see just how many it kills, before making my decision
Dusk2dawn said 4 weeks ago
As far as the clots go, if you have ever been on the contraceptive pill, the chance of clots are 1 in 1000. Much much higher than the 1 in 250,000 for the Covid vaccine. You stand more chance of getting a clot from surgery too.