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Have our morals gone down the toilet with the emergence of the selfie obsessed generation.

By Tracy . Created on 19 Mar, 2020
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West Swan said a week ago
I have to admit I do laugh (inwardly) at people taking selfies. I don't get it when there are so many better things in life to take photos of.

However it has nothing to do with their morals going down the tube.
Mr Stupid said a week ago
Not sure how selfies, or even being 'selfie-obsessed' makes one have morals that have gone down the toilet.
But I'll add that painting an entire generation with the same brush isn't exactly moral behaviour.
I'm on the younger side and only know 3-4 people who regularly take selfies. Only 1 of which I would say is obsessed with her personal...
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Renee said a week ago
each to there own