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Have you started xmas shopping for presents yet?

By Renee . Created on 01 Nov., 2021
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Neil May said 1 day ago
Yes in a way although I don't often give a lot of gifts out, I prefer to give out vouchers for activities we can do together, e.g.: kite flying, fishing, a day in town at the museum-zoo-movies ect, I buy cards on others behalf to help a poor village find water, grow crops or start a small business such as selling eggs, goats ect. Material objects are nice but after all they are just toys and will gradually be dispos...
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Colette Staines said a week ago
spending time together is more important
Anonymous said on Nov. 22, 2021
Who can afford it, maybe people who still worked in the last 2 years but the average percentage did not, I’d b lucky to eat.!!!!
Jude said on Nov. 21, 2021
I'm finished my Christmas shopping
David said on Nov. 16, 2021
In a small way
Lindy-Lou said on Nov. 15, 2021
I have started a few, but I won't be buying much because of COVID19 and loss of income.
sarah bogdanich said on Nov. 13, 2021
No sorry I will not be buying Christmas presents this year, we all have had a really hard time since Covid19 and loss of income and loss of hours means after paying rent and all of the utilities not much money left to spare:(
Anonymous said on Nov. 13, 2021
I've done some shopping because some of my family is going away for christmas, I do prefer shopping online as shops are too busy. I better start getting more presents as I know Auspost is really struggling and is very behind due to covid.